Tea House Lodge or Camping Trekking in Nepal

The popular trekking routes of Everest, Annapurna and Langtang have lodges at frequent stops .We can have lunch or stay for overnight in these lodges. A trek in which we use these lodges for our food and accommodation is called tea house trekking. Often these tea houses are family run inns with good basic facilities like clean bed and western and local foods but no luxury .Originally, before trekking was introduced in Nepal, there were small tea shops in the places where we have lodges now, serving tea and snacks for the local villagers travelling from one village to the other , hence the name ” tea house.” Unlike this , a fully supported trek in which we carry all our supplies and equipments is called camping trek or an organized trek. In such a trek our Sherpa crew will make the tents for you and our cook will prepare all the meals .