Smile Trekking

Equipment and cloth needs during the trekking in Nepal

The equipments and clothing list below is for a relatively longer trek involving a cold high altitude destination. If you are doing a short trek to a relatively lower altitude you may not need all these. The list below is for a guideline alone , you may have your own check list as well. Please note that most of the trekking items are easily available for buying or renting in Nepal and you are suggest not to bring unnecessary items with you.

For Head 

  • Cap for sun protection during trek
  • sunglasses/goggles
  • sunscreen lotion/sun balm

For Body

  • T-shirts and long sleeved shirts
  • fleece or thermal shirts for colder areas
  • fleece jumper/sweaters
  • Down jacket
  • wind /water proof outer garment

For leg and hand

  • Casual troussers for walking
  • Water proof trouser
  • Thermal legging for colder areas
  • Hand gloves

Trekking Shoes For foot

  • woolen and cotton socks
  • Trainer or casual shoes
  • Waterproof hiking boot
  • Gaiter for rain and snow


  • Rucksack /duffel bags
  • Day sack to carry personally
  • Personal medicines and first aid kit
  • water bottle and iodine tablets
  • Torch (better head torch)
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • toiletries and towel
  • Large hankerchief

Optional items

  • compass , binoculars , altimeters
  • Playing cards , books, guide book